Monthly Archives: September 2015


When the banks dashed the future Buy to Let retirement hopes of two brothers they approached Holme Bridging Finance to realise their property development dreams.

Approaching retirement age, and being long-term home renters, their bank were not prepared to finance their idea on the basis that both of them lacked experience.

Given their credit status, the quality of the property and the rental potential it was clear that given six months ownership, their bank would then consider them ‘experienced’ landlords, and provide the refinance. In the mean time the brothers could add value to the property with a light refurbishment.

Since completing the first deal the brothers have again approached Holme Finance Bridging Solutions to provide funding for a property, which due to its condition ‘may’ not be mortgagable by conventional means. This heavier refurbishment project is allowing them to add another property to their portfolio with an even greater uplift in the day one value.

Ian Broadbent, director at HFBS says: “It is always important to determine that a client has a sensible plan and that they are aware of the risks when becoming involved in this type of investment. In this case it was clear that the brothers had put a significant amount of thought into this project and they have made a great success of it adding significant value to their retirement fund. This is just the sort of borrower that we are keen to help.”