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Celebrating 22 years in the bridging sector…what does that tell you?

HFBS Director, Ian Broadbent, celebrates 22 years in the business, but what is his secret to success…

Celebrating 22 years in the bridging sector
Celebrating 22 years in the bridging sector

…Read about Ian’s 22 years here: “Well I’m celebrating 22 years in the bridging sector. Time has passed, three children, one divorce, innumerable pets having come and gone, and several house moves, but all along the fundamentals of bridging loans remain a constant. Experienced underwriting, fair terms, a good team and quality introducers make for success.

22 years has got to tell you something, truth is I thoroughly enjoy it. I love the variety, no two applications are ever the same, with an infinite number of scenarios and potential outcomes unique to every application it really keeps you on your toes.

I started in this business as a secured loan broker, I have been involved in second charge lending, non status first mortgage broking and short term bridging lending, encompassing most forms of secured property finance. I took and passed both CERGI and CEMAP in 2004 prior to the mandatory requirement stipulated by the FCA.

Holme Finance Bridging Solutions entered into short term bridging loan lending alongside the non status mortgage broking around 2000 (albeit on a small scale funding deals with our own monies and gradually attracted additional funding from private sources). This makes us one of the very first to be involved in bridging finance.

Following the financial crash in 2007, non status mortgage broking simply ceased and we recognised an opportunity to increase lending to fill the gap left by the banks.

I embraced change, the business embraced change and since that point we have continued to shun bank or other corporate funding to plough our own furrow with significant increases in our private funding lines and a growing book value.

I always say: “Do not look at the glass as half full or half empty just be aware it is refillable.” There are bumps in any road but we’ve negotiated around them and continued to grow and developed an unrivalled product.

The biggest thing I’ve learnt is that flexibility really is the key. As a privately funded lender, we can make immediate decisions and in most cases complete without the aid of solicitors. We are also happy to consider the ‘quirkier’ deals or those outside our terms. Think of our advances as a secured loan only shorter!

I’ve made a million mistakes but building our business isn’t one of them neither is our model which offers unrivalled flexibility. So, in summary, I am only just getting started and looking forward more than ever to building long lasting business relationships with some fantastic introducers; doing what we do best, providing a genuine service and lightening quick bridging loans.

Here is to the next 22!”

HFBS have a flexible approach.

HFBS Have a Flexible Approach to Bridging

When writing about my 22 years in the industry I attributed our business success to flexibility. As a privately funded lender we are able to make immediate decisions and in most cases complete without the aid of solicitors.

We offer small advances, consider the less traditional and quirkier deals, and turnaround funds incredibly quickly, 72 hours in some cases.

From five thousand to hundreds of thousand of pounds, every single bridging loan has provided a solution. We’ve enabled contracts to complete, helped developers create profit, refurbished down-trodden properties, helped to redeem other bridging loans, and secured auction properties.

From retired individuals venturing into property development, to seasoned property developers, there are an infinite number of scenarios, which is why we approach each case on an individual basis taking the time to understand the client’s needs and situation.

We are in the business of supporting our brokers and individual clients with a genuine short term need.

For a good working relationship, quick turnaround of funds, and simplicity call Ian, Dan or David for an instant decision on 01724 865577 or email



HFBS bridging loan provide a profitable solution to a badly damaged BTL property after a disillusioned BTL investor decides to sell their investment.

Under considerable financial strain due to rental arrears and a huge repair bill the investor was forced to market the uninhabitable BTL property for sale.

Unfortunately a quick sale wasn’t forthcoming and after been advised the property should be renovated to increase its appeal, and therefore become mortgagable, HFBS were approached to fund the one hundred thousand pounds required to complete the work for a profitable sale.

Ian Broadbent, Director at HFBS says: “Our client couldn’t get a mortgage due to the condition of the property. Unsecured funding was not an option due to the amount required and the client’s credit status. The client had got to the point where they just wanted rid of the property and had even considered putting it to auction, but after speaking to an estate agent and consulting with local builders and decorators it become clear a sale would be achieved and net a healthy profit.

We are pleased to have helped provide a workable solution, the cost of borrowing the £100k has been considered by our client as insignificant in comparison to the potential of the profit available.”

Estimated to take six weeks, the renovation works will increase the property’s appeal opening up the market beyond cash purchasers and developers in time to hit a buoyant spring property market.

With an average completion taking less than seven days from enquiry to money in the bank, no solicitor involvement, no minimum valuation, and entirely privately funded, no bank mandates, no fixed rules, HFBS really mean business.

HFBS offer one the LOWEST second mortgage rates in the bridging finance market starting at just 0.95% month on advances from £5,000. HFBS Bridging Solutions have been advancing short-term funds, via a limited panel of intermediaries, for over 15 years with complete authority on their lending. Simpler, quicker, cheaper.