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The election merry-go-round

The election merry-go-round…

As the election merry-go-round continues to take over the media our director Ian Broadbent shares his views concerning a recent article by ARWEL GRIFFITH, MANAGING DIRECTOR AT ROBERT STERLING SURVEYORS in Bridging and Commercial News:

” I can only reiterate some of the points he raised. Regardless of political beliefs any party with a greater majority will have a firm handle on decision making.

“Assuming the Conservatives achieve a significant majority, a properly elected Prime Minister by the public with a significant mandate can only lead to stability.

“Our sector has been through massive changes concerning regulation and taxation. With optimism I hope this is the last our industry will see of upheavel for a long time, at least until the industry is settled.

“The short-term uncertainty concerning the election will soon be replaced by a fixed term with fixed plans, and as we know this will certainly bode particularly well for the property market which especially likes stability rather uncertainty.”

“No matter what HFBS will continue to do what we do best, provide a genuine service and lightening quick bridging loans.”