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Over a year on from the Brexit referendum we are still here and busier than ever

Over a year on from the Brexit referendum we are still here and busier than ever.

Over a year on from the Brexit referendum we are still here and busier than everMarket comment from Dan Yendall-Collings Senior underwriter at Holme Bridging Finance Solutions talks about after a year on from the Brexit referendum “we are still here and busier than ever.”

“With all the talk of uncertainty and changes in the market, namely the increase in taxation on rental income and stamp duty on investment properties, it hasn’t rocked the boat or deterred seasoned or ‘have a go’ property developers

“Even with that seemingly calamitous news we had a record first quarter of the year with an increase in lending compared with previous years.

“So far we have found that professional property investors are still keen to continue. They know if they can get a good deal and do the job well that there is still a healthy return to be made if you know how to get it.

“It is hard to make any sort of predictions on business levels, certainly Brexit and the general election briefly halted decisions, but our usual peak activity times tend be spring and late autumn, based on our spring results we are all set to continue looking forward to what the rest of the year will bring – basically we maintain a positive outlook.

“Yes nationally indicators saw a softening in the central London housing market but this hasn’t had an effect on our typical client’s appetite to plough on with developments or their ability to generate a healthy return. We’ll keep a watchful eye on that situation but currently it isn’t at a point that will have us shying away from lending in that area.

“All in all when you actually just accept what you have to work with you realise that the changes in regulation, and in the market generally, haven’t had a significant impact on the niche market that we specialise and cater for.”

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